Анемометр АПР-2м



We welcome visitors to this site and bring to your attention the APR-2m mine anemometer, which is currently unparalleled in terms of its operational capabilities, and is used in more than 90% of Russian mines.

The APR-2m anemometer simultaneously measures speed in the range of 0.1 to 50 m/s, as well as the pressure and temperature of air flow; the device operates in manual, automatic and remote measurement modes, ensures the production of depression surveys, transmission of readouts up to a distance of 1 km; the device stores all the measurements taken in its memory and prints them, is compatible with a computer.

The high quality of the APR-2m anemometers is confirmed by numerous reviews by organisations, including: AN OFFICIAL GOVERNMENTAL TELEGRAM and a letter from the State Corporation Rosatom addressed to us.

The APR-2m anemometer is being produced in Russia since 2010, is protected by a patent registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of Russia and Kazakhstan, has a Certificate of Conformity of the Customs Union, is designed to equip mines, ore pits and industrial enterprises, including replacing the APR-2 anemometers, which are morally and technically obsolete after decades since their development. A comparison of the operational capabilities of the APR-2m and APR-2 anemometers is depicted in the table.

The APR-2m anemometer was awarded a diploma as the “Best Exhibit” at the 18th international exhibition (Kuzbass), in the “Development and implementation of technical means for ensuring safety of life activities” nomination. The anemometer was also exhibited at different exhibitions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Moscow, international exhibitions in the USA and Turkey.

Many mines and ore pits purchase 20-30 or more APR-2m anemometers, and this is the best confirmation of trust and confidence in them. It is also acquired by other enterprises in the chemical, oil and gas industries, as well as by the State Corporation Rosatom.

You can familiarize yourself with the standards for calculating APR-2m anemometers for mines and ore pits, and methods for measuring the air speed, by reading the articles posted on our website.

We are ready to supply APR-2m anemometers within 3 days, deliver the devices to your office and provide the necessary technical support throughout the entire period of their operation!


Managing Director A. Meshcheryakov